The pictures are taken by Ella Marie Brekke Vangsnes and H.B.Omdahl.

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[Ann-Elen and Egil] [Liv Grete and Raphael] [Liv Kjersti and Carl-Johan]
Ann-Elen and Egil Liv Grete and RaphaŽl Liv Kjersti and Carl-Johan
[Ann-Elen, Egil, Liv Kjersti, Carl-Johan, Liv Grete and RaphaŽl] [Ann-Elen] [Ann-Elen]
All our six biathletes Ann-Elen Ann-Elen
[Liv Grete, Ann-Elen, Liv Kjersti] [Liv Grete, Ann-Elen, Liv Kjersti] [Liv Grete with grandmother]
The girls together in Fusa In windy weather! Congratulations from grandmother
[Liv Grete] [Ann-Elen] [Egil]
Liv Grete with gold-medals Ann-Elen skiing Egil at Holmenkollen
[Liv Grete] [Hoisting the flags in Fusa] [Celebration in Fusa]
Liv Grete on the podium Hoisting the flags of Fusa, Norway and France in Fusa during World championships, 2004 The 'viceroy', sheriff and mayor of Fusa waving the flags, celebrating the World championships, 2004
[Kristi Skjelbreid] [] []
Kristi Skjelbreid, grandmother of Ann-Elen, Liv Grete and Liv Kjersti, cutting the cake during the 2004 world championships